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Fact sheets / Services (Engineering and services)

Product development

We develop tailor-made solutions that start with an idea and end with the finished product. Our highly skilled staff …

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Tool design

Our experienced design teams in Aschaffenburg and Arad work closely together to design tools that are a perfect fit for your product. We use state-of-the-art …

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SATD Semi Automatic Tool Design

SATD is our proprietary design tool and the result of more than 80 years tooling experience. It reduces design times …

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Project management

There are many steps involved from when an order is placed to delivery of the finished product. Good project planning and execution are …

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Repairs and maintenance

No business can afford long periods of production downtime. But even the most durable, high-quality tools and molds take a lot of wear and tear during the production process, which can …

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Fact sheets / Product portfolio (Tooling and plant construction)

Plastic injection molds

Precision thermoplastic parts, made using high-quality injection molding tools, are a key element of many cutting-edge, cost-effective products. …

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Die casting molds

Joyson Tooling die casting molds combine a high degree of standardization with impressive precision. They're durable, easy to maintain, and can be …

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Trimming tools

Our trimming tools are carefully aligned with the relevant die cast tools, with component checks to accurately remove surplus material from the sprue and overflow in one pass. …

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Foaming molds

We combine in-depth experience with cutting-edge technology to meet the highest possible standards of quality, appearance, and reliability …

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Prototype molds

Prototypes, small-scale and specialist production runs are an essential part of the product development process. We design and make cost-effective prototype tools requiring …

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Prototypes are important when it comes to bringing products to market readiness. They involve close cooperation between your designers and …

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Production and special machinery

Efficient processes make production plant and machinery a key success factor, while ergonomics and system design ensure that assembly equipment helps fulfil …

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Precision Performance

Portfolio Joyson Tooling Europe

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Business activities

Business activities of Joyson Tooling Europe

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