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Joyson Safety Systems Aschaffenburg GmbH / Germany
Bahnweg 1
D-63743 Aschaffenburg
Phone: +49-6021-65-0


Joyson Safety Systems Arad S.R.L.
Calea Aurel Vlaicu F.N.
310375, Arad - RO
Phone: +40-257-203-102


Joyson Safety Systems Aschaffenburg GmbH
Managing directors:

Christian Wienands
Stephan Arndt

Register of Companies at the District Court of Aschaffenburg under number HRB 14755

Joyson Tooling / Germany

Arnd Schüßler
»We see ourselves as a strong partner in providing key components for your production process. « Arnd Schüßler

Director EMEA Tooling
Phone +49-6021-65-1465

Christian Czika
»Skills, commitment, know-how: what more could you want?« Christian Czika

Team Leader / Production Preparation Tooling / Aschaffenburg
Phone +49-6021-65-1016

Klaus Vath
»We add value by creating efficient, high-quality production processes.« Klaus Vath

Team Leader / Tools Development / Aschaffenburg
Phone +49-6021-65-1404

Udo Lebert
»We combine experience with innovative technology to create the solution that's right for you.« Udo Lebert

Team Leader / Tool Shop Aschaffenburg
Phone +49-6021-65-1546

Joyson Tooling / Romania

Bogdan Ghise
»International cooperation, to exceed world-class standards.« Bogdan Ghise

Manager / Tool Shop Arad
Phone +40-257-203-102

Radu Meche
»Our customers know they can rely on our commitment and expertise. We give 100 percent.« Radu Meche

Manager / Tool Design Arad
Phone +40-257-203-128